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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 12, 2017

Operation Disclosure https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 12, 2017 Quick Overview: Peace in ...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 12, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 12, 2017

Quick Overview:

Peace in the middle east was accomplished.

The Rothschild's have been contained.

The Alliance is on the verge of releasing the RV to begin the transition event.

All call center, redemption center staff have been called in. Bank's have been given new updated memos.

The Republic is standing by, waiting for the go-ahead to begin the indictments immediately after the RV release.

Release decision time is set. RV is imminent.

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Afternoon - 12.12.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Tuesday Afternoon, December 12, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

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"Re: Can Help Now"

Entry Submitted by Alakhlok at 12:58 AM EST on December 12, 2017

"Can Help Now" by PNW - 12.12.17

It would be good to have a website set up with all the countries of the world listed and the ability to sign up to choose a country or two to take care of. That way it is less likely for some small country x to be forgotten. We want to help all countries, don't we?

- Alakhlok

"Prophetic Dream About SKR's Money"

Entry Submitted by Lionshield at 12:42 AM EST on December 12, 2017

I had a prophetic dream this morning about the SKR-MONEY TO BE GIVEN OUT TO EVERYONE.






"Re: Operation Disclosure Intel Alerts" by dgt - 12.12.17

Entry Submitted by dgt at 1:38 PM EST on December 12, 2017

Re: Operations Disclosure. RV/INTELIGENCE ALERT

When is disclosure actually disclosure and an alert actually an alert? When it is not repetitious! When it is not vague! When it does not contradict itself!

No disrespect to whomever is getting this intel but you would do well to hold your source’s feet a little more to the fire. This stuff just insults the intelligence.

Question: What ever happened to the Quantum Computer and the 95% results?

I don’t usually appreciate Ubiety’s words but I have to give a shout out to his recent ‘weasel words’ post. Right on!

I am trying not to be just negative. I would hope that some of the intel providers, if they have real sources, would be a little more demanding of those sources.

The Cabal;

12/9 : The Galactic's continue to direct the Alliance in achieving total cabal annihilation and the transition this month of December.

12/9: Multiple cabal pedophile rings were taken down under the cover of the MS-13 Operation in D.C.

12/9:Multiple Cabal missile silos containing energy-based satellite weapons were destroyed.

12/9: Cabal malice Islamic State is now a minimal threat. Next stage is the Israel-Palestine two-state solution (which is already underway) to ensure peace in the Middle East, a requirement for the RV. We are waiting on minimal threats? What happened to the Middle East Peace thing…not mentioned in 12/10?

12/10: The Alliance expects to release the RV sometime this month if they successfully cleanup all remaining Cabal malice within a specific time-frame.? A specific Time Frame? What does that mean? Do you really think all malice will be cleaned up anytime soon? As I think Tank would point out, more people are dying by the delays than by the cabal. Plus, yesterday you called it a minimal threat!

12/10: The cleanup process of the Cabal continues behind the scenes. No new details given at this time. ATM (alert the media)

Question: What ever happened to the Quantum Computer and the 95% results?

Redemption Centers;

12/9: Redemption centers remain manned and bank personnel have received memos.

12/10: Redemption centers have once again been manned and bank personnel have received memos in preemptive preparation for release sometime this month.

12/9: Standby notices have been given out to United States Marine Corps and United States Army military officers and provost marshals. These notices serve as preemptive preparation for the transition. The notices contain specific instructions and protocol to carry out the mass indictments once given orders. The orders will be given by top brass, once deemed necessary. Did they get the memo?

Question: What ever happened to the Quantum Computer and the 95% results?


12/9: Trump is set to announce the USN before Christmas, unless told otherwise by the Alliance.

12/10: Trump to announce the USN before Christmas.

How many times has Trump non-announced the USN?

 I can hardly wait for tomorrows exciting episode!

Tomorrows exciting episode:


The NY suicide bomber was a failed false flag attempt by the cabal to delay the inevitable transition event. The last cabal false flag was the Las Vegas shooting. Notice how there haven't been any further false flag attempts until now (every time the RV is nearing release). The cabal may attempt more false flags to delay the transition. The Alliance is actively intercepting their plans.

Why is the Alliance waiting for false flags? They are devastating and nothing good is accomplished. We can have false flags and nothing good is accomplished or we can have false flags and the RV is released. Which seems better to you. Just causing more false flags for nothing seems absurd and terribly destructive.

The indictment orders "pump fake" is being used to scare the cabal into submission. How is that working out?

The actual mass indictment event will initiate once the Alliance vote to a consensus for the Republic to begin the transition. This means nothing as far as disclosure or alert.

Incriminating evidence to support the mass indictments builds up day-to-day. 

The Alliance agreed to begin the mass indictment event Post-RV and prior to the activation of GESARA. Again, vague and meaningless.

The Alliance's ultimate goal is to keep the cabal from obtaining or corrupting any of the RV funds. Thus is why the rehydration funds were implemented into a quantum financial system last year. Can we get a refund on that since it apparently is not working?

Question: What ever happened to the Quantum Computer and the 95% results?

RV protocols, mechanisms, and funds remain set and ready as of this moment. Yea?

White Hat sources are reporting the Middle Eastern situation has been resolved. Peace was required and has been accomplished which was required for the RV release. 
I still don’t see what Middle East peace has to do with the RV. Is it some kind of leverage? Is there any demonstration of the situation being resolved or peace accomplished? I have a bad feeling that a week from now we will be told,”as soon as the Middle East peace is finalized”.

Release time remains fluid under Alliance supervision -- expected shortly. Again, useless.

Question: What ever happened to the Quantum Computer and the 95% results?


ps: in hopes that we can make the intel better. More accurate. More responsive. More responsible. 

"Happy 12/12" by F Fortunate - 12.12.17

Entry Submitted by F Fortunate at 1:25 PM EST on December 12, 2017

Happy 12/12!

Hello Dinar land, this is my first post because I feel compelled to share my feelings. I have been reading DC for about 2 years. In that time, Intel providers have come and gone. With that being said, I have never once complained about anyone of them, even though I have disagreed with some.

The real reason I am writing this is the sadness I feel when people attack others. We are light workers, some warriors, and some just truth-seekers. But, I think we can all agree, most are humanitarians. With that being said, I would like to stand behind Tank. I love the way he brings intel. Now, some have complained about his technique, but, I would like to know, who are you to judge? We all have our own way of doing things. I personally feel empowered by his method. I felt stuck just sitting here reading all the intel with the same old, same old BS every day!

I would like to challenge everyone of you that has complained to start bringing the info and spending the time that he does every day to give us important importation. If not, please refrain, so that we may all keep our vibes up! My mother once told me, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all! I have always live by this golden rule, and it is always worked. Try it.

Since today is the beginning of a new portal, I would like to suggest everyone reading this pray at 11:11 every day, until the RV happens, because there is power in numbers!

Heavenly Father, creator of heaven and earth, please allow us to do your work with the blessings you are about to bestow on us. PS, it would be nice if we got the money before Christmas, so that it can really be a very Merry Christmas for us on earth! Amen, and so it is.

With Love and light,
F Fortunate

"We Exchange at Midnight! Well...?" by Michael Murdock - 12.12.17

Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 12:50 PM EST on December 12, 2017

YES, so I was led to believe. So I waited, in my car, in 45ยบ weather waiting for the call…12:00 came…nothing…12:30…nothing…1:00am…nothing…2:00am…sleep came…4:18am…alarm rang. No messages, no emails no directions…once again…no exchange. Disappointed? no.

No disappointment? Nope. Why is that you ask? Because. Remember as in sales, the more No’s you hear, the closer you are to a “YES”!

Is that going to be true with the RV/Exchanges? It has to be!! Why? Because it’s part of our universe and the flow of information and abundance in our lives.

How do I know? I don’t on many levels, but there is this thing that I have called faith, that being homeless I pray every day that my faith in life, in breathing, in being present for others to reach out to time and time again, will on some level drive others to keep faith in the universe, in God, in whatever beliefs they have that this abundance will one day flow through the dam which is holding it all back and that many of us will be able to help so many others, we’ll cause a planetary shift of such magnitude that this entire universe of ours will realign onto an amazing new path of awareness and understanding.

Did that make sense? There are times when I start typing and spirit takes over and words just flow from me to the keyboard and I simply allow them to land without edits. It’s fun and I am so grateful to be able to share when these things happen.

Believe in miracles, ask for them to arrive in your life, know that they are out there being created for you to bring into your life as you open your heart to knowing and understanding that the universe can work for you as you direct it to, and you’ll be surprised as things shift for you in directions you never imagined possible until you began to re-language or re-state your wishes.

What does that mean? Perhaps instead of saying “there’s no way that can happen” or “all I ever hear is no”, perhaps restating things even in silence to yourself as simply as “I see that happening for me” or the other one being “all they can say to me is YES!”, and then hold that excited feeling you get close to you, nurture it and remain in a feeling of having that thing, that whatever in your life and know that the universe will deliver to you. Along your way you’ll be pleasantly surprised how those things then come to you to share in your joy and presence to all that is.

Yesterday I prayed for love, understanding, compassion, knowledge, inspiration for all. Today I pray for the same and add abundance, ease of flow, acceptance, perseverance, patience, and guidance for all along the path that is lying before each of us in this world. May all of you receive these into your existence, and may they all guide you in your own unique ways giving you comfort that you are worthy of receiving into your life and your universe, and may this give to you peace along your path.

May the blessings of those you pray to be upon you, your family, your pets always.

Michael Murdock, USN Veteran
donations graciously accepted: http://paypal.me/MikeMurdock

"Re: Flashtel" by dgt - 12.12.17

Entry Submitted by dgt at 12:28 PM EST on December 12, 2017

"Flashtel" Special Call w/ Yosef Tonight at 10 PM EST 12-11-17

I don’t know what the big Human Angel “Flashtel” call was all about. I assumed there was some kind of new intel that couldn’t wait. However, once we got past the Infomercial about the subscriptions (The word ‘Scientology’ came to mind when they started talking about various “levels” of subscription, each costing more than the last) it essentially came down to Yosef saying, “gee wouldn’t it be nice if the blessing came by Christmas”.

I don’t know what is in people’s hearts but If there is anything resembling Justice in this universe, there must be a special place in Hell for people who are profiting off of the desperation that surrounds this issue.

Also, re Tank’s recent posts. I still wait patiently for them but I remember when Yosef’s so called intel functioned more as advertisements for his website than anything else. It is beginning to be ‘Deja Vu all over again’. Please don’t let it be so.

Just a thought re Middle East Peace: I don’t know enough about the history but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jerusalem ended up as a holy capital for the Jews AND Islam AND Christians, all living together in harmony


ps: in hopes that we can make the intel better. More accurate. More responsive. More responsible.

"Update on National Sealed Indictments" by Truthseeker - 12.12.17

Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 12:11 PM EST on December 12, 2017


I was just provided this Breaking News on the mass indictments we have all been waiting on. This is the 1st of many to come. Former Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce was arrested and charged with running his off as a “criminal enterprise” Friday, and is now facing a 113 count indictment from the federal government. Joyce is reported to have gained $1 million through bribes and kickbacks and has also been charged with racketeering, extortion, honest services fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the IRS, according to Newsweek.

Article Link: http://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/u-s-national-news/1761-one-of-the-sealed-indictments-has-been-un-sealed-massachusetts-state-senator-arrested

I will provide more information as soon as I receive additional updates.

I urge all Currency Holders to stay vigilant and alert as these indictments begin to surface and start falling like dominoes. Once the bigger names start to surface (i.e., the Clinton’s and Bush’s, etc) the RV/GCR should be on our doorsteps.

Pray for all our military involved in these indictments, the Cabal will not go down without a fight! All Currency Holders should have at the very least a month’s worth of food, water, supplies and cash.

That’s not meant to scare anyone, it is meant to prepare EVERYONE!

Stay positive, alert, and don’t stop praying!



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