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Featured Post

"Jared Rand Told us How to Get our RV" by Neo - 11.21.17

Entry Submitted by Neo at 9:45 AM EST on November 21, 2017 Jared Rand did a 5 and 1/2 hour call Sunday Night.... Answering questions... ...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Closing Conversation w/ Tank & Rand Transcribed by FXStrategist

("Pretty accurate" transcription by FXStrategist, published by permission)

Starts at MM ~5:06 on the internet recording https://fccdl.in/tzcBMwfmn

JARED: I’ll tell you. It I had the 800#s, I would have already given them out. I wouldn’t even have hesitated. And of course that would have caused a lot of subterfuge that I would have dealt with. That’s probably why I wasn’t given them. But they’re already out there circulating. It’s not the next 50 seconds or 5 minutes that everything is going to be everyone has an appointment to go in for their exchanges.

TANK: Well, Jared, I am curious about something though. We put the other night that we were given 24-hours out there the other night that we would need to kick some ass and take some kind of action if nothing happened. Fisher told us 8,000 people make a difference. This is a community where there is virtually no trust or faith anymore. You can’t have love without trust. They all are looking for somebody to do what they say they’re going to do. And my attitude is if I said I was going to organize something if we didn’t have the evidence that we needed, if we don’t have the evidence, then I feel like somebody’s got to do what they said they would do. How long before we would at least know, outside of your just saying it’s out there. You’ve got all these people who have heard “it’s done, everything is finished” for years now, hundreds of time. I just think these people have to have a voice. In the past 24 hours I’ve been trying to figure out what would be effective to invoke this in some way. I got to be honest, I’m not a fan of doing it this way, but obviously there was some kind of inspiration on your part for you to come on this call and share what you had to share. Obviously we’re there. That’s the best evidence we have. But how long before people will realize? Because when you say something like we don’t know how long this is going to take you and you’re not going to do your exchange in the next 8 hours, my question is why not? Wouldn’t there be somebody on this call that knows that? Or is it going to be an indefinite time frame again. Because that is not going to satisfy people. People are struggling and they’re aware of it. When you get all those people saying the same thing and tell them they’re going to get their freedom on some level, and take action to get the attention of the right people, it’s gonna have to happen. There has to be some evidence. The question is will we see that evidence so that at least we know, oh, it’s there. WATCH OUT. STAY ALERT. SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES. What I hear if what I’ve heard from the military for three weeks straight. And to be honest, it’s hard not to feel a little resentful that I have to wait for my time when the funds are readily available because this has been set for us, isn’t it? Straighten me out. I’ll take correction. I need more than just “look at the forest.” What does that mean? People are not up until 3 o’clock in the morning to wax poetic about what is going to be eventually. People are ready now.

JARED: When I used that analogy, what I meant was than when you’re looking at something, you only looking at one portion, when I say you’re looking at the tree and not the forest.. You’re too focused on one thing. The frustration, disappointment, the misdirection that’s gone on through this process, year after year. How long do you think, with one release of an 800#, it will take to reach everybody? Let’s just say today, released today. How long before they make their appointments and are on their way to their appointments.

TANK: You could give me the number right now and I could make 100 calls that would literally multiply to the entire community. Those 100 phone calls would literally explode to be100-200,000 however many people there are.

JARED: You won’t have to look for the 800s because they’ll be out here today. You’ll take the 800s, you’ll call, I’ve gone through the process, it’s not a secret. But, no, not everybody will have the number in a matter of 2-3 hours. Because it takes a long time to process to get the appointments and then to for people to get to the appointments. Realistically speaking, it’ll take a couple of days for that to proliferate, all the people. That’s just the way it is. So, folks, you could be looking at, you’re lookin at the 800s today, you’re looking at then processing and everything, and who knows how long that’s gonna take.

Another example: The reason there’s really been so much disinformation is because did you really want the bad guys infiltrating and blowing this thing out of the water and destroying this for good, without anybody ever ever having a chance again at it? You know, the people that want this time element, all the time, all the time, all the time, forcing some people to volunteer it when they shouldn’t. And then the fact of the matter of what happens is there’s the bad guys, they listen to everything, they listen to everything that’s going on. So are you going to tell your enemy exactly what your implementation plan is? Of course not. So what are you gonna do? You’re going to disinform them, you’re going to misdirect them, you’re going to misguide them constantly. Unfortunately, those of us suffer from that. Because we’re told the same garbage, garbage in and garbage out. And people take that garbage and the say, oh, this is the real deal. They’ve heard it all before, it’s all the same this, the same that, there’s no proof, there’s no evidence. We want it now, and that’s all there is to it, we’re fed up, we’re going to get a coalition together and if we have to storm the halls of Montezuma, we will do it to get our money, OK? I’ll tell you right now, that’s not the way to be. Cuz all that would do? Guess what? Who’s holding the golden egg and the goose that laid it? Answer that one. Who’s holding it? Who’s holding it? The Asian families, the Eastern European families, and the Galactics. That’s who’s holding it. OK? Now, do you want to piss them off to the point where they say they aren’t ready? They don’t have enough patience, they don’t have enough staying power, no matter what you think, no matter what you think. They don’t have what it takes, they’re cracking under the pressure, what’s gonna happen when we do all this disclosure dump, and they have all this wealth? How are they going to handle that if they’re not handling this well?

TANK: OK, wait. You know what? Again, if I can respectfully challenge that. You have a Messiah? The Elders believe in God and the Bible. The Messiah went into every town. The first thing he did was and he fed the people and the he healed the people. THEN he preached his message. So I find it to be a very hard thing when people’s consciousnesses are expected to change in a sea of promises and disappointment and lies. Because when it comes down to it, those are the same tactics that have been used to enslave us. Now if that’s the case, I don’t think it’s fair to put that on people when in reality, the key . . . When you got a whole bunch of people in a jail cell and all they see is bricks, that’s because they’re are in a jail cell. If you open the jail cell and allow them go outside and see oh my gosh there’s blue sky and mountains and there’s sea, THAT is a different consciousness. So it is not fair to put that weight on the people. The fact of the matter is you said the most powerful thing in the universe is the human soul. These people, the power is there. Now, if the people want to change the reality, the way to change it, there’s a block right now and that block happens to be financial, cause that’s just the reality of the brand. Now if that block were removed, it allows the entire consciousness of everyone to change. So, with all due respect to that, I’m not pissing off the Galactics and Elders and the families. I would say, to be quite honest, I feel, as far as a I know, is St. Germain said in 2014 that mankind is free. What I am doing is I am claiming for my freedom. What I am asking for is for them to acknowledge and let me have it. And they are holding the key to the bonds and the chains that are around my neck. And if they just allow me take those chains off, and if they allow the people to take our chains off, all of us, we can rise up and show them what we can do. But it’s impossible for anyone to show them what we can do being weighed down with these bricks locked in the cell. So with all due respect about worrying about pissing them off, that we’re not ready? Believe me when I say this: if we are not ready now, if we are not ready now, holding us longer in bondage certainly is not going to help. I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to tiptoe around that, or anyone should for that matter. Because these people are in pain, they are suffering, they are hurting. If this is benevolent, if it’s for the good of mankind, at this point we are past the breaking point. It is long overdue as you said yourself.

JARED: Just exactly what you said was heard, the way you delivered it, it was well-taken. I appreciate it (your speaking up). How do I put it? No games here. This thing is here and it is in full bloom and it is happening. It’s been said dozens of times over dozens of years: This is it. People are going to the 800#s and everybody’s going to go about their business and do what they decide to do. The frustrating thing for me is I’m aware of many things and it’s very difficult to try to condense it and answer all the questions without some people becoming disjointed.

TANK: By the way, everything you say, I do appreciate everything you’re doing, but at the end of the day, I work for the people. I just fell like I love all these fascinating amazing things in this world that we’re going through. But I just feel an obligation to speak up for them. Because I know at these meetings, we’re not there at these meetings. I know we’re not there. But if we have a chance I just want to make sure that I do.

JARED: That what you just stated, that they’re not there — but believe you me, there are humans that are there that are all for all — or none — they’re all for all, for every human being on this planet. The atrocities that have taken place. You know, it’s amazing when you know what they are and you carry that with you. You know what they are, you know, and if you try to maintain some kind of equilibrium, you know, and not turn blood red because of the fact that it’s just, it’s just, just not a good thing. And then to get over that and then to express forgiveness of it. And those that have come together, you know, to liberate the human race, are the same people that have negotiated all of this. Period. And there will be ambassadors of the human race that will assist other planets in their liberation. Period. So there will be ambassadors of planet Earth that, because they have experienced the liberation, they’ll end up assisting other planets and other liberations.

DR W.C.: I thought we we the last one and the youngest one to be liberated.

JARED: In this part of the galaxy, yes. The last resistance is here on earth. They set up the last forts here on earth. They had to pick Earth.

DR W.C.: It’s because the humans are here. We are the ones with the power, the authority.

JARED: There are human beings who have gone to bat for the human race beyond imagination. Take me, I’m gone, I’ll give it all. Holding the gate open, having someone sit there trying to keep it shut. This call made a tremendous, tremendous impact. TREMENDOUS. There’s not a lot of this that goes on where people discuss how they’re ready and you feel the power and buzz and energy emanate. It’s a positive thing. What you want and ask for you, you get. More than you can imagine. It’s just the way it is. Everyone is worn down. The resiliency factor is amazing. I don’t know about you, but the resiliency factor of the human race never ceases to amaze me.

~ Transcribed by FXStrategist and published with permission

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Morning - 11.21.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Tuesday Morning, November 21, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom. ~ Dinar Chronicles


"A Huge Distraction"

Entry Submitted by The Butterfly Contessa at 11:21 AM EST on November 21, 2017

"A Huge Distraction" by Midwestman - 11.21.17

There are several posts pointing out some wonderful facts and truths from the Jerod Rand call last week. And then there is Midwestman.

Quite frankly, I for one have had quite enough of Midwestman's griping and complaining, pissing and moaning, and general "boo-hoo, poor-pitiful-me", naysaying, all-is-lost attitude and writings. I definitely avoid his postings, though "the flavour" of them seeps through with just a glance when eyes fall on a few words, and I wish he would just get off the site and go find someplace else to vent, cry and complain. Try your neighbourhood bar...perhaps the bartender will listen to you.

The Butterfly Contessa

"Short & Sweet"

Entry Submitted by Wayne R at 11:01 AM EST on November 21, 2017

Good day family!

I'm not here to bash or ridicule, accuse or discredit, as I see here way too often. I just want to say this so I can get it off my chest, and re-assure "most" of us that: President Trump is NOT going to be impeached, nor is he going to resign. I see this alot here, and it's misinformation. He is "one" of the main reasons we've come this far. Period.

I'm am excited about our very near future and wish all of you the life you've always dreamed of, and for our opportunity to be the world healers we were all meant to be.

Thank you Patrick
Thank you Family
and Thank you Mr. Rand

Love & Light to you all,

Wayne R

"St. Germain"

Entry Submitted by A Human Angel at 9:36 AM EST on November 21, 2017

KejRej just mentioned that President Trump has recently met with St Germain. This is more than a big deal. St Germain said himself that he has once again emerged from Mt Shasta and taken human form. No other intel gurus think this may be important. The fact that the President has met with St Germain should no longer leave any doubt as to who's side he is on. I would like to think this means the New Old Republic will finally be announced and we can get on with this already. I would think the President met with St Germain to either discuss his chances of becoming the New Old Republic President or to plan his exit strategy. Most of the behind scenes strategy of what's going on is still on a need to know basis and apparently we still don't need to know. Financial and political dealings are supposed to be completely transparent to everyone but apparently we aren't there yet.

A Human Angel

"95% Truth and 5% Deception Dynamic" by PD - 11.21.17

Entry Submitted by PD at 11:31 AM EST on November 21, 2017


First I need to make a disclaimer. I am not a trained psychologist and my musings are based on personal experience and a life long passion to know how I work and how our world works.

The following is an insight I had this morning as to why those like the early Yosef, and most recently, Jared Rand seem to have such a large impact upon currency land, and can do it in such a short period of time. As short as 24 to 48 hours of time.

They are always standing behind a curtain of anonymity, even with the most recent conference call appearance of one who says his name is Jared Rand. As far as I know, to date, no one has been able to determined who he is, where he is, and there no image of him as yet. This seems to be par for the course. The Yosef background story is still hidden. I submit that this is a necessity for them to be successful for the hidden purpose. It needs to be an anonymous voice.


They say many wonderful things about our true nature and what it will be like when we return to our natural state of being, our natural state of abundance of perfect health, all needs met, profound joy and awe etc. We resonate with what is being said. We feel it in our hearts; we just know it is truth. It is almost like we, on the far horizon of our conscious awareness are remembering deep factual Truth. We feel hopeful again, we feel exile rated once again and can justify all the years of effort and slogging through the trenches to get this far.

Finally someone is here who can inform us as to what is really going on and supports what we feel in the deepest ways. We open up like an innocent flower, we open our hearts to hear more and better. All of this happens with the 95% truth.

Then it becomes time to deliver the lie designed to shatter us emotionally; the manipulative and programming part. The most vulnerable point in most of currency land minds is the timing. So many false and misleading statements and promises. Many have reached the point of desperation in the process. Many have passed on from the stress and difficulty of it all.

This is when it is alluded that the start, the release of the GCR is imminent; again. It is always imminent; it is always stated with a trained convincing voice of certainty which sinks in deeply as we are so enthused and open energetically; that it is real this time. We accept what we hear as we have been opened up by the hearing of and about our true nature. We take it in, we trust we are being told the true Truth this time.


Then nothing happens. We experience acute disappointment and disillusionment again.

Then, and this is the important point, not only do we dismiss the timing lie as just another false promise, we dismiss all the true Truth also which was used to open us and set us up. We dismiss it all with great emotional intensity. The parasites feed some more and, most significant of all, we build new walls to the REALTruth in our hearts. Our trust is shattered and our ability to harbour and build faith in Divine Love is set back.


In my opinion it is time for the end of anonymity. Keeping secrets and hiding behind anonymity is something created by and for the 'bad'. We all have to find the courage and willingness to not be controlled by fear, to stand openly for, in, and of the truth over our own names.

We need to demand that those who come forth like Yosef and Jared Rand, all leaders in currency land to reveal who they are openly and honestly, with verifiable identification. If we do that, if we stop believing we need anonymity to be safe, the ones who do require anonymity to con, fool, control and manipulate us will stand out like a sore thumb. Their hiding will be their revealing.

Hope my writing makes sense. If this insight is accurate and factually true it is best for it to be spoken; even if it just a seed planted waiting for germination.

Paul L Davis


"Neo's Meditation Minute" by Brigantine - 11.21.17

Entry Submitted by Brigantine at 10:43 AM EST on November 21, 2017

"Jared Rand Told us How to Get our RV" by Neo - 11.21.17

Good idea, Neo. I imagine that like me, many are already spending time working on their "plans," every day. If we all schedule not just a minute, but 10, 15, 30 minutes every day to work at the same time on our plans, the intentions generated would be immense.

I usually work on them off and on all day, in between tasks at work. From here on out, I will plan to work on them every day between 9-10 ET every day. Regardless of how much I did during the day.

On the second call, I had to laugh. Rand said that instead of waiting and pining for payday, we should be planning what we are going to do, afterwards.

Does detailed plans on how to directly and anonymously benefit over 5,500 individual families count?

Does extensive planning on how to document, travel and distribute money to improve our waterways count? A six year plan including four excursion boats with crews of 10 to photograph, map, liaise, consult and engage crews in waterway improvements. Does that count?

Another division to develop and expand the existing methodology of growingpower.org to our local city. With a plan to scale it up to counties and states nationwide. Does that count?

A plan to bring two local and already effective charities together in one massive effort to deal with homelessness in our county. Does that count?

A plan to engage and scale up an existing charity that is already doing fantastic work in life skills education and getting the poor working in meaningful jobs. Providing not only work education, but teaching life skills as well to people who have fallen through the cracks and are trapped in poverty. Does that count?

A plan to combine, coordinate and expand existing efforts to restore Oysters to the Chesapeake Bay. In an attempt to return the filter capacity of the Chesapeake Bay Oyster population to pre-settlement conditions. Prior to immigrant settlement, the oyster population filtered the entire Chesapeake every 3 days. It needs to return to those levels. Does that count?

Does Doubling and tripling local foundation efforts to teach at-risk children to sail count?

You get my point. We are doing the work, anyway.

Make this happen.


Oootah's Call w/ Truthseeker Tomorrow at 9 PM EST 11-22-17

Oootah's Call for November, 22th

(641) 715-0873
Participant Code: 180023#
Playback Number: (641) 715-3579
Code: 180023#

Note: Oootah and Truthseeker have formed an Intel alignment to help keep Dinarland as updated and grounded as possible.

Anyone that wants to donate can donate to Becky@wavocal.net using Paypal.

Thank You,

Oootah / Truthseeker

"The 25th" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts/News



So, the 25th is the start of the big party and last 4 days. Somewhere in there we should realise what we have been waiting on? I hope they don't pull another oh, one more thing stunt again. God, please.

Will they roll out the RV prior to their celebration?,,, hope so, What say you?

Rustbucket,,im of the mind this is it,,especially with the referendum considered dead and all of Iraq is united,,, Im expecting us all going to our Thanksgiving dinners knowing we are wealthier

I hope you are right yada, we will know shortly...

Another holiday of being asked, so hows that Rv working for Ya?

Goodtimes that is when you smile and say fine ......with excitement


I like most of you are dreading the holidays... meeting some of the people i told about the GCR. that darn "black Friday " and "Ramadan" again. I am comfortably numb but they will have to poke the bear, so i will just smile and say "i still believe"..

Just smile mysteriously and say you can't talk about it

CNBC: Middle East tension may not mean what you think for crude oil


AP News: Zimbabwe's Parliament opens in effort to impeach Mugabe

WSJ reports trhat KRG has for stepped up US mediation in the Kurdista​n-Iraq struggle:


Hezbollah says ready to pull forces from Iraq after IS defeat


BBC: Zimbabwe's Mugabe urged to quit now by ex-VP Mnangagwa


"Happy Ending for all of us" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts/News



KTFA Monday Night Conference Call 11-20-17

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#



StephenMac63 » November 21st, 2017

Another great call!

In one section of the call it was speculated that the "Corruption Files" provided to Abadi will be opened and all "heck" would break loose. It was opined that this is to occur shortly after the RI, if I am not mistaken, if not right at that time.

Lets all take a ride on "Maliki's Train of Thought". We know corruption has been rampant. We have Barzani making 400K a month in addition to the embezzling of anything that wasnt fastened. By the way, the US President makes under 40K a month to put into perspective. We also know that Maliki not only has had his hand in the cookie jar, he carried it around because he is so possessive.

We do know that in order for Abadi to open the files he needs to know where everyone is at. Sorta like when you put out a rat trap, you know where they hang out. Abadi also knows just as soon as he opens the files Maliki will do anything to protect himself.

He will lie, cheat, steal, slander, libel and quite possibly put out a hit on Abadi. In the interim he will run....to gain space so he can think....but where? Would Iran take him?

What would the political repercussions be? Did he send enough IQD over there through the years for his "retirement"? He might have a place in London and Interpol would have to get involved.....if it goes through the normal channels. He knows his run will be "one-way"....wont be a round trip as he will never set foot again into Iraq as long as he lives. He will be holed up somewhere until the day he dies.

Ok, so lets think that Maliki was able to escape and is living somewhere. What would he do? Do you think he would still have contact in Iraq through various channels? He will be kept up to date with the latest happenings and will adjust accordingly. If he feels he can not destroy the country from within, he may try to do it from a distance. Maliki has a Plan "B". If he doesn't have a "Plan B" then I can say without being a board certified psychologist...he's delusional.

Abadi not only has to deal with Maliki, he has to deal with everyone connected to Maliki. The first rat caught will throw the biggest fit denying everything and the last rat will sing like a bird for forgiveness in hope to live because they saw how the first rat was treated. There is something about self preservation. I think there will be amnesty and immunity on silver platters for those who wish to partake providing they are low to mid level in the scheme.

Imo, all of this is in my opinion, Abadi will not open the files until he has everyone important rounded up already because he knows you dont put rats in a cardboard box as they will chew through and escape. You put them in a steel cage in order to keep them. I think Abadi will not be able to catch everyone at the same time therefore he will take the important ones and let time allow for the remaining to be caught.

I also think that Abadi will not be doing this alone as he has the credibility and support of the international world. Frank did say that there will be life on Mars because that's the only way Maliki is going to escape this earth alive.

Maliki at this point in time is thinking about surviving, at least we hope so as this would be the natural course for one to take. He knows his time is soon. He knows that Abadi has taken a country and whipped it into shape, along with the ISIS battles in a matter of three years. Maliki knows that Abadi and Abadi's crew all have locations on each of the guilty. And with the borders being secure, not only can you get in......you cant get out.

Imagine when all of the guilty are rounded up and prepped for trial. Do you think the trial will be in Iraq? Can you imagine the sectarian strife that "could" occur? Would Maliki's Party sit back? IMO, no, they would run. It may be easy, just catch anyone who is running and ask them why are they running........its going to spill.........big time. I do not know the qualifications for a trial to be held at World Court but it may be the least damaging place to have one because if it was in Iraq.....all heck may break loose.....maybe. Abadi knows best. He has a plan.

DocK » November 21st, 2017

Looks like they are screaming " WE ARE INTERNATIONAL "

Getting Accolades like they are International


Dec. 2015

To receive a permanent UNESCO City of Literature designation cities must apply to UNESCO and meet exacting criteria. They must show that they have outstanding literary heritage, a vibrant contemporary scene, and importantly, that they are a city where their sector works collaboratively to grow and develop through their chosen artform, via capital development and cultural engagement programmes.





Samson » November 21st, 2017

Forex ETS to Expedite Iran's Plans for Rate Unification

21st November, 2017

The Central Bank of Iran’s Exports Department has sought to provide more details on the online gateway recently established for allowing members of the banking system to better trade in foreign currencies, stressing on its importance for unifying the dual foreign exchange rates.

“The establishment of this system facilitates the process of unifying forex rates and is considered a platform for realizing this goal,” Samad Karimi, the head of the department, also told ILNA.

In the system first launched in Sept. 2016 and made operational on Oct. 29, 2017, which is officially referred to as the Electronic Trade System, members of the interbank market can engage in forex deals at higher speeds and with greater efficiency.

According to Karimi, the project is one of the many measures taken in line with establishing a managed floating foreign exchange system.

CBI’s promise of unifying the rates by the end of the previous fiscal year (March 20, 2017) has remained unfulfilled, prompting CBI Governor Valiollah Seif to promise that the goal will be realized soon in the new administration that took office in the summer.

Another important step, the official notes, was CBI’s mid-summer directive that allowed banks to engage in trading foreign currencies at free market rates, as opposed to being limited to the official rates that are considerably lower.

“The ETS is aimed at increasing the depth of cash deals in the interbank market and directing forex transactions to the banking system [and away from moneychangers] to act as one of the major tools of realizing the rate unification goal,” he said.

“Banks can move to make up for their forex resource deficits in the market within the system with a positive open net position and quickly balance their position and manage their forex market risk.”

Referring to another function of ETS as providing better liquidity risk management, he elaborated that exporters, foreign investors and natural and legal persons active in the economy with forex assets will be able to sell their assets in the interbank market at open market rates and convert them into rial.

As to other functions of the system, Karimi said it closely follows forex transactions while supporting the sale and purchase of currency by and from non-oil exporters, investors and foreign companies.

“Although as part of the next phases and if the rate unification plan is implemented, currency forward, currency option and currency swap transactions will be handled by the system, cash transactions must first find their place in the system,” he added.

The central bank official noted that hard currency will be supplied more efficiently to members of the interbank system with the added benefit being the correspondent role it bestows on banks to purchase forex from exporters, foreign investors and companies.

“Banks will introduce their official correspondent accounts to exporters, whereby they deposit their foreign currency to the accounts and banks will sell them in the interbank market,” he elaborated, adding that if the banks do not possess the rial resources to purchase the hard currency, they will be able to sell it to the central bank.

In other words, the system eases the process of getting finance for local businesses and directs forex transactions of exporters to the banking system while incentivizing businesses to conduct their work through the system, as it entails risks lower than those of exchange shops.

“Increasing the presence of banks in the market provided by this system enhances its credibility and will cause the foreign currency resources and expenses of the country to be managed better, clearer and at higher speed,” Karimi concluded.


Rich4hyip » November 21st, 2017

I believe it will be a happy ending for all of us,especially those who have kept the faith for so long after this many ups and downs,years of struggle,now its time to harvest.

Don961 » November 21st, 2017

An upheaval is over and the battle of corruption has begun

Since 2017-11-19 at 15:19 (Baghdad time)

Hussein Omran

Abadi said and believed ...

Abadi said that before the end of this year will be a happy ending ....

On Friday, the first legions of our heroic forces were advancing from four axes to expel terrorist elements from Rawa, the last bastion in Iraq. It was only hours before our heroic forces raised the banner of Allah Akbar over the buildings of Rawa. Before that, The entrance to the "Rawa" to announce our heroes that Iraq has become completely empty of dashing, where he was expelled from all the cities that he occupied in the absence of time since 2014.

The battles of liberation in Mosul, Tal Afar, Hawija, Aana, Hit and Rawa were never easy. Yes, the blood of our brave fighters flowed, but the blood of our land, which was pure after cleansing it of the abomination of elements, appealed to the terrorists who raided these cities and looted their goods and killed their sons and spread the symptoms. At the same time, the military plans were drawn up by the military specialists to liberate the cities in the least losses, yes sometimes long before the liberation of the cities began, but this was to reduce the losses, and yesterday was the end of a daunting as our valiant forces began to chase the remnants up to the Iraqi border - The Syrian.

Yes, Mr. Abadi knew, but was sure that before the end of this year would be a happy ending, so I declared clearly and clearly that the year 2018 will be the year of the war on corruption

.. If it were not for corruption was not able to control some of the cities, As more than 30% of Iraqis live below the poverty line. Without corruption, billions of dollars would not have been smuggled out of the country every year by the Mafites and the influential. If it were not for corruption, this unemployment among our youth would not have been graduates of colleges. According to quotas that destroyed the country.

The war on corruption was a war postponed by Mr. Abbadi. Every time in all his statements, Abadi clearly pointed to the existence of corruption. He even emphasized several times that he knows who is behind this corruption, which has spread in all institutions of the state. The answer was exclusively to Abadi, who knew that the war on a thief was more important than the war on corruption, because he knows very well that the whales of corruption have penetrated all parts of the state, so He knows if the war has started on the whales of corruption, they may affect this way or that war on Daesh .. but ..

We say, but here is the war on a preacher who ended with the help of God and the warriors of our heroic heroes, so the war on corruption and its might will begin even before the beginning of next year as was announced by Abadi !!

But the important question remains: will Abadi be able to effectively eliminate the whales of corruption? These whales, which are now controlling the important parts of the state and that result in billions of dollars of sacred deprivation, will these whales allow Mr. Abbadi to destroy them?

This is the important question, and we wish with all our hearts that Mr. Abadi will succeed in his new mission and will really eliminate the whales of corruption. link

This pic is one example of why Abadi and Iraq must act with impunity to enact their monetary reforms... come down hard on corruption and the whales ...and give the economy of the country the long overdue boost it needs .... thousands upon thousands of idle men who want to work a legitimate job and make a living for their families ... but can be potentially tempted to do something else not so good to do so ... like join a militia or roaming gang .... or worse .... then Iraq is no better off than they were ... pretty sure they know this and have come too far .... accomplished too many steps .... to let that happen again.... imo

Governor of Baghdad: Ministry of Finance behind the demobilization of 2800 employees contract

Twilight News one hour ago

The governor of Baghdad, Atwan al-Atwani, said Tuesday that the Ministry of Finance stopped appointments to the owners of the province, returned that action "a big problem."
Al-Atwani said in a statement to Ashfaq News, "There are four thousand degrees vacant jobs on the owners of education, but the reason for the suspension of the Ministry of Finance to start the appointment was on the pretext of the absence of financial allocations."

He added that "the province and in this period, which committed the disengagement of the six directorates of education and the directorates of health of Baghdad as well as the directorates of youth and sports and its annexation to the province caused us Arbaka, because of the urgent need for specialized cadres, especially educational and health cadres."

Al-Atwani said that "the province is responsible after the disengagement from the appointment of the staff within the directorates that have been attached to the province," noting that "the Ministry of Finance circulated a book to prevent recruitment through deletion and development, including the works of grades achieved from the retirement of employees to retire or work degrees of the deceased as well as resignees Of all these grades, the Ministry of Finance stopped using them to recruit new cadres on the owners of the province, although this system is in place in previous years and the right of the institution to assign them.

Al-Atouni pointed out that "the presence of approximately 2800 employees of the contract were dismissed for the same reasons for the Ministry of Finance and the same argument of lack of allocation," noting that "Despite our frequent meetings and meetings with officials in the ministry to return contract employees to take advantage of their specialties and to support the work of the province, No financial allocations ". link

Funrun » November 21st, 2017

I believe this is HUGE imo

Samson » November 21st, 2017

Rafidain Bank : We have obtained 75% of the debt lags

21st November, 2017

The director general of Rafidain Bank, Khawla al-Asadi, on Tuesday, that the bank was able to obtain 75% of the debts owed by the customers.

Al-Asadi said in an interview with "Economy News" that "Rafidain Bank was able to obtain 75% of the debt owed by the citizens," noting that "there are obstacles facing the process of granting loans by the bank, including our concern to follow up the end of the debt file lagging."

"The bank seeks to educate citizens towards the settlement of salaries and the inclusion of payment card holders with all banking facilities, advances and loans granted by the bank."

"The bank is in the final stages of contracting with international companies to operate a modern banking system in order to return to the leadership of banking and make it in the refineries of international banks," she said


Samson » November 21st, 2017

so now that they have security......they are getting stability

Washington to launch $ 150 million for "stabilization projects"

13:14 - 21/11/2017

The US Ambassador to Iraq, Joe Head, announced Tuesday that his country is launching the previously agreed $ 150 million grant to implement "stability" projects in the liberated areas.

The Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alak, Deputy US Ambassador to the United States, to inform the latter of the latest developments in the ongoing agreements between the two parties, which concerns the International Monetary Fund and the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in Kuwait, which Which is expected to be held in February 2018.

The statement added that "the Secretary-General reviewed the efforts of the Iraqi government in cooperation with international parties such as the World Bank and the Habitat and others in order to come out of the assessment of damage and investment needs and opportunities and the private sector for the post-urging, adding that the survey needs housing needs more capacity of time On the few weeks allotted to him. "

For his part, the Deputy Ambassador said that "their participation will be effective in the field of security and stability and are in the process of launching the amount of the previously agreed grant of 150 million US dollars to continue the implementation of UNDP projects to stabilize the liberated areas to encourage the return of displaced persons."


Integrity: Seven years imprisonment for the former governor of Diyala

21st November, 2017

On Tuesday (November 21st, 2017), the Integrity Commission revealed that the former governor of Diyala, Amer Salman Yaqoub was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment,indicating that this was in accordance with Article 340 of the Penal Code.

"The Diyala Criminal Court issued a verdict in absentia against the former governor of Diyala, Amer Salman Yacoub, serving seven years in prison," the agency said in a statement. "This was in accordance with the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code, With the money and interests of the party in which he works and waste public money. "

The Authority added that "the governor has disbursed money to one of the companies for the unfinished work in the project to establish two ground-based stations for the station 733k length 733 kilometers," noting that "Diyala had already contracted with a civil company; to complete the project in the amount of 2,765,000,000 billion But the company did not complete only a kilometer, despite the correspondence and warnings addressed to it, where the processing of the project materials from the origins of unscrupulous contrary to the contract, and yet the province disbursed money for the distance of the project.

"The court, after reviewing the statements of the legal representatives of the provincial council, the Diwan of the province and the electricity directorate in Diyala, who requested the complaint and compensation against the fugitive accused, in addition to the statements of witnesses, reached full conviction of the conviction of the accused who violated the duties of his job and caused the intentional damage of nearly three billion dinars, , Stating that "the decision of the sentence against the convict, including the custody of his movable and immovable property, and to keep the injured party to claim compensation right after the decision to acquire the absolute degree."

It is noteworthy that the financial and administrative corruption spread in Iraq significantly, as Transparency International classified it from the most corrupt country in the world, but the Iraqi government often criticized the reports of the Organization on corruption and considered inaccurate and based on information received through local and foreign companies failed to implement Service projects in Iraq. LINK


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